Our pen pals had a one-track mind this week, and their collective mind was set on Rob Ford, crack, Canada, and the crackstarter. Their thoughts below:


BODY: You are really a piece of shit

We are the world.

SUBJECT: Rob Ford, (Canadian) History

BODY: I noticed that you wrote, "Be a part of (Canadian) history!" with the word "Canadian" in brackets, this sounds dismissive, as if Canadian history is not "real" history. Why not instead write "Be a part of Canadian history", or even "Be a part of history." Do you think that certain countries, their history is more important than others? Canada entered World War 2 long before the United Stated did, don't you think that is historically signifigant regardless of the nationality?

I agree with your writing about the video of Rob Ford. I just disagree about the other aspect.

Respect the fabric.

SUBJECT: Crackstarter and signed Canadian flag...

BODY: Hi, I just wanted to make sure you are aware that there is specific flag etiquette that governs the use and dignity of the Canadian flag. I'm sure you would not want to disrespect the Canadian flag given all the publicity this story is getting.

The flag should not be signed anywhere on the flag itself. (The portions that alone would make up the flag.) It's acceptable to buy a flag that has a border/sleeve to attach it to a flag pole, and then sign the border/sleeve. On most flags this border or sleeve will be about one inch wide on the left side of the flag. It would be acceptable to sign that border, but NOT the flag itself.

You can see the Government of Canada's 'rules for flying the flag' at this link here. The section you want is 'dignity of the flag'. I know it may not even get this far, but if it does, please keep the above in mind so the Canadian flag is respected. Thanks.


Oh, would you like me to look that up for you?


BODY: Hello,

My name is Giulia Frisina from Global News. Wondering if you can please email me the latest number raised for the Ford Video.

Much appreciated.

Oo hold on, I'm getting really good at this.

SUBJECT: Rob Ford Crackstarter

BODY: Hi, the news here in Toronto (CP24) is playing all sorts of stuff regarding the gawker "crackstarter" for Rob Ford; however they obviously do not provide a link to it and when you visit the gawker page it's nearly impossible to find as the news story buried. Also the search button is minimalistic and uneasy to find for the average computer user.

I believe the crowdfunding campaign would receive many more hits and donations if it was easily visible on the gawker website.

Yes, it's your money, dude, your choices. Have a wonderful day.

SUBJECT: how dare you re: rob Ford

BODY: I don't like Rob Ford. Don't make that mistake. i have no desire to see him stay in office longer than need be

but I have even less desire to see YOU GIVE $200 000 to people for a video of him smoking crack, because you have no idea who those people are. They could be random people, they could be lower class, but they could also be dealers, or gangsters, and giving them $200k is, quite frankly, despicable. You have reached a low, which is saying a lot for a gossip site. But you have stuck your nose into the affairs of a city that does not want you here. Remove it. Think about the repercussions of what you are doing and remove your crowd sourcing.

I for one will not be visiting the websites of Gawker media anymore until such happens. Which is just as well; your sites have been in slow decay for years anyway.

actions have consequences, and you are fools.

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And a happy weekend to you all!