A ray of hope in the global battle against obesity today, courtesy of "The Flemish Gut Flora Project," one of Scandinavia's most respected gut flora projects.

Close study of the gut bugs of hundreds of Danes has shown that obese people with "a large richness of bacterial species in their intestines" are much healthier than their less bacteria-rich compatriots. From Science Daily:

The scientists did see that the group with lower species richness in the intestinal flora was more susceptible to developing obesity-related conditions and chronic inflammation. The obese people in this group are more at risk of cardiovascular conditions than the obese people in the other group. These are important results that suggest that it is not only weight gain and dietary habits that play a role in the development of medical complications in obese people.

So eat all you want, but only eat the Jamie Lee Curtis poop yogurt.

The Flemish Gut Flora Project, The Flemish Gut Flora Project, The Flemish Gut Flora Project.

[Science Daily. Photo: Flickr]