On Friday, a Northern Virginia medical examiner determined the cause of James S. Brady's death to be "a gunshot wound and its health consequences" and the manner of death a homicide—some 33 years in the making.

The former White House press secretary and gun-control advocate, who died earlier this week at the age of 73, miraculously survived a gunshot wound to the head during the 1981 assassination attempt on his boss President Ronald Reagan. But he did not escape entirely unscathed: he was often wheelchair-bound, and was reported to have suffered short-term memory impairment, slurred speech, and constant pain.

The shooter, John Hinckley Jr., was famously found not guilty by reason of insanity, as he had cited his infatuation with Jodie Foster and a deadly desire to impress her as his motive. And according to the AP, it is unlikely he'll see any charges at all this time around:

"I think it (the medical examiner's ruling) will mean nothing," long-time Hinckley attorney Barry Levine told The Associated Press. "No prosecutors will bring such a case. The notion that this could be a successful prosecution is far-fetched. There is no legal basis to pursue this."

Death certificates are complicated.

[Image via AP]