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While speaking at the White House's Summit on Working Families on Monday, Joe "Wilmington, Delaware" Biden said that despite what everyone thinks, he only has a couple polyester suits and a tub of old shoe polish to his name.

"Look, Biden, man, you've got a mildly expensive suit on," he said to the room, echoing what he presumed everyone was thinking. He then went on to admit that he is the poorest man in Congress, but he still makes a lot of money. So how could Joe "The Joey B" Biden actually be poor like other Americans? For starters, he doesn't have a savings account.

"For real!" He briefly mentions "my struggle," while asserting that his bindle-carrying-down-the-railroad-tracks lifestyle is nothing compared to people who are from where he is from (Downtown Delaware).

Biden valued his assets in 2013 as between $260,000 and $940,000, according to USA Today.

[Image via AP]