In the two weeks since an owl attack sent surgeon Ron Jaecks running in circles screaming, at least three more people have been assaulted by the same bird in the same Salem, Oregon, park.

The most recent victim escaped injury but lost his favorite hat. Brad Hilliard told the Statesman Journal he felt a gentle scratch on the back of his head during a run early Monday morning in Bush's Pasture Park.

"It was almost like you touched the tip of the knife but you pulled away before it does any real damage. I turned around and my favorite running hat was gone," he said. "I was just dumbfounded after the fact. I was like, 'My hat is gone and I can't see anything."

Later, Hilliard spotted the signs warning of owl attacks and realized what had happened. "I'll keep buzzing by there until it turns up," he said. "I can't imagine a bird or a person wanting a sweat stained hat I've had for five years."

Five days before Hilliard's brush with death, Jordan Radke experienced a similar attack. The 27-year-old was jogging through the park when he felt a "searing, intense scrape" on his head. He ignored it and kept on running.

"When it happened a second time, I took off as fast as I could out of the park," Radke told the Statesman Journal.

At least one other jogger has reported attack in the same park by the bird—believed to be a barred owl, which can have wingspan of up to 42 inches.

[h/t NY Daily News/Image via Shutterstock]