John Oliver did a valiant job subbing for Daily Show host Jon Stewart during his three-month absence, but the time has come for Stewart to stop playing director and get back to what he was born to do: Give the news a good talking-to.

Unfortunately, a summer spent in the Middle East has taken its toll on Stewart, who required some assistance (and a few wardrobe changes) to get back to his snarky self.

It was nothing a little Stephen Colbert could fix, though, and after a quick update from Oliver on what he missed while he was away (Paula Deen, the Royal Baby, and, of course, Carlos Danger), Stewart reclaimed his desk and fired up his indignation for a segment called "Uncle Jonny Stew's Good time Syria Jamboree."

"Wow, America taking military action against a Middle East regime," Stewart said. "It's like I never left."

[videos via The Daily Show]