Chicago 'Pizza' vs. NY Pizza Debate Not A Debate, Jon Stewart Reminds Us

This whole Chicago deep dish 'pizza' vs New York actual pizza debate is ridiculous. Whatever that bloodied cheesecake thing THINKS it is, its certainly not pizza. Jon Stewart articulates this much more elegantly than I ever could, but lets be real - there is no real comparison.

We even do your 'style' better than you, in the upside-down slice, made famous at L&B Spumoni Gardens. A comparable slice is also available at Prince St. Pizza in Nolita. STILL PIZZA, not a perversion.

We need to get bumper stickers made. They'll be the new 'Keep Christ In Christmas". "Keep Chicago Out of Pizza"

Jon Stewart Settles the New York-Chicago Pizza Debate Once and For All

And just like that, the New York-Chicago Pizza Wars are over.

On last night's Daily Show, during a segment that was ostensibly about NYC's One World Trade Center seizing the title of Tallest Building in America from Chicago's Willis Tower, Jon Stewart suddenly launched into what is rightfully being referred to as an "epic rant" about the Chicago's pizza of choice.

"When I look at your deep dish fuckin' pizza, I don't know whether to eat it or throw a coin in it and make a wish," Stewart railed. "And if I made a wish, it would be that I'd wish for some real fuckin' pizza."


He wasn't quite done, but Chicago-style pizza certainly was.

And once deep dish lovers are done crying into their "fuckin' casserole," both sides should come together in harmony to bond over their shared love for Key & Peele's hilarious stint as "impartial judges" on the Daily Show's latest segment: "Racist Or Not Racist."


The pizza rant starts around the 3:25 mark in the video below:

[H/T: Eater, screengrab via The Daily Show]

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