Kanye West goest nuclear after this Jimmy Kimmel video—Kimmel responds

Yesterday, Kanye West went nuclear on Twitter after Jimmy Kimmel mocked his interview with the BBC, in which West claimed to be the greatest rock star in the planet. As hard it is to believe, it seems the entire thing is serious—unless both of them are playing a joke on all of us. Of course, Kimmel replied today.

Here's the Kimmel Skit That Has Kanye West SCREAMING on Twitter

Apparently angry over this skit, rapper Kanye West went crazy Thursday night on Twitter, attacking Jimmy Kimmel WITH LOTS OF CAPS for being mean, unfunny, and lacking in good pussy.

Or maybe this is all a joke because who can we believe anymore?

And so does Kimmel:


And Kanye responds. This HAS to be fake, right?

Or not? I DON'T KNOW.


It continues:

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