Her daughter Kate proves herself a hero every day just by being pretty and pleasant, but recently it was Carole Middleton who brought glory and honor to the Middleton name by yanking some random bitch off the street (not Pippa).

One of Carole and Michael Middleton's neighbors, artist Basia Hamilton, told the Telegraph that Mrs. Middleton found the Hamiltons' missing dog by the side of the road a little while back and, instead of killing it or selling it or spray painting its tail black and introducing it as her own black-tailed dog, returned it to its owner.

“Mrs Middleton was driving in her car when she spotted a dog by the road. She got out and, when she saw from the collar that it was ours, brought it home. She is very kind.”

Hamilton told the newspaper that the dog had "disappeared" and that she and her husband "didn't know where it could be." The answer, as it turns out: right there in their neighborhood. That's enough mysteries solved for one day.

Earlier this week, Kate Middleton's boozy, wildcard uncle told papers that the Duchess is planning on bringing her baby to her parents' home for the first six weeks after it's born in July.

However, a sketchy village where the roads are ruled by dirty old street hounds and every once in a while a living thing gets "disappeared" doesn't sound like the safest place for a baby.

[Image via AP]

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