Valentine's Day certainly left someone bitter. Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus have decided to ban lace underwear beginning in July. Some Kazakh women, at least, are not going to take the decision lying down.

The group of women protesting in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on Sunday, waved pairs of lacy undergarments in the air as part of a "Panties for the President" protest. One protestor said her protest panties were the only pair she had left. But underwear is serious business: three of the protesters were reportedly arrested and escorted away.

The law, which is intended to protect consumers from cheap materials, effectively bans the import, production, and sale of all synthetic lace undies in the Eurasian Union. According to officials, that's because the banned undergarments don't absorb enough moisture. Under the law, which was introduced in 2012, underwear made of non-natural material is required to absorb at least six percent of moisture.

[Image via AP]