This week Michael Skakel, a Kennedy cousin on trial for murdering his neighbor, convinced a judge to relocate his court-ordered GPS ankle bracelet because the bulky tracking device wouldn't fit inside his ski boots.

In 2002, Skakel was convicted of murdering a woman named Martha Moxley with a golf club in Greenwich when they were both 15. He was handed a 20-year sentence, of which he served 11 years before a judge ruled Skakel's trial court attorney had provided inadequate representation.

Skakel was released from prison last year and granted a new trial, which prosecutors are currently appealing.

In the meantime, Skakel successfully petitioned to have his court-ordered tracker "temporarily relocated" after it interfered with his attendance at his son's high school skiing competition.

During an earlier ski competition this month, Skakel was unable to accompany his son up the mountain with other parents because his ankle couldn't fit in the ski boot with the bracelet, his attorneys said in court papers. As a result, they said he was required to hike up the mountain alone, which took two to three hours and induced an asthma attack.

Interestingly, Skakel (a nephew of Ethel Kennedy) isn't the only Kennedy relation to use asthma as an excuse this month. Last night during an appearance on the Colbert Report, Patrick Kennedy blamed his youthful cocaine addiction on his asthma, saying that, "because I had asthma I moved on to other drugs [than marijuana] to get high, I didn't smoke."