When Connecticut defeated Kentucky to win the NCAA basketball championship last night, Wildcats fan Tyler Austin Black's UK "2014 Nati9nal Champions" tattoo suddenly made him a national laughingstock. But he's keeping it anyway.

The 22-year-old walking Dewey Defeats Truman billboard told ESPN after the game that "It's a way to remember this team and it's part of my life story."

8-seed Kentucky exceeded everyone's expectations—well, except Black's—by knocking out three of last year's Final Four teams en route to the championship game. The Wildcats fell to UConn, 60-54.

After he unveiled the tattoo, Black became known as the Kentucky "ink prophet," and picked up hundreds of Twitter followers—many of them haters.

"It didn't really bother me that much," he said. "I know people outside of Kentucky can't stand us."

[Photo: Tyler Black]