A Kentucky man hellbent on destroying a PT Crusier on Sunday accidentally set himself on fire in the process, resulting in damage to at least two other cars and a nearby home.

Stemming from what authorities are calling a domestic dispute, a man in Louisville smashed the car's window with a rock and then threw a lit Molotov cocktail inside.

"I saw him get out and grab a big giant boulder down the street, and he goes around the block again and I hear a big crash of glass,” one witness told WDRB. “"He pulls right up next to the PT Cruiser and lights a Molotov cocktail which causes a huge flame, and throws it inside the PT Cruiser."

Then it all went wrong for the alleged arsonist. Police say that shortly after tossing the Molotov cocktail, the suspect caught both himself and the interior of his car on fire. He then attempted to flee from the scene but — probably because he was on fire — instead crashed his car into another car, which then crashed into another car. That car was forced into a nearby home, which also caught on fire.

The suspect was detained at the scene and taken to a hospital for treatment, but he later escaped. As of Monday morning, he was still missing.

[via NY Daily News/Images via WDRB]

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