How much would you pay to see Kenny Loggins in the privacy of a random fan's living room? Erick M. Sanchez of Washington, D.C. is hoping to lure the 80s soft rock legend to his one-bedroom condo through a new Kickstarter campaign.

"If you're looking to make a dream come true, put your money where your ears are and drop some cash. Don't do it for me. Don't do it for Kenny, Georgia, and Gary. Do it for America," wrote Sanchez, a self-professed Loggins-ista, club sandwich consumer and Libra, looking for fitness.

The first 20 to donate $300 are guaranteed a seat in the condo. The aim of the campaign is to generate $30,000 by Aug. 23 to get Loggins and the Blue Sky Riders to play old hits like "Danger Zone" and newer songs for an hour and 15 minutes in Sanchez's living room. But, as the city told WJLA TV, an ABC News affiliate, a permit may be needed to hold the 50-person concert. To date, the campaign has raised $3,800.

Loggins' representatives told WJLA TV that they'll be more than happy to do the concert, if the campaign reaches its goal.