Hannah Anderson, the 16-year-old who was recovered from her alleged abductor James DiMaggio on Saturday after a multi-state manhunt from California to Idaho ended in a shootout and DiMaggio's death, made her first appearance in public since her rescue.

Anderson attended a fundraiser benefiting her family in San Diego, where she lived with her mother and eight-year-old brother, who were both killed on August 4th before Anderson was allegedly kidnapped by DiMaggio, a family friend. DiMaggio, 40, had been close to the family for nearly two decades, even taking family vacations with them.

Search warrants indicate that DiMaggio tortured the three victims. Though many items discovered in his home cannot be disclosed—some of the item announced include new camping equipment, a DNA swab box, used condoms, and a handcuff box. It was also discovered the DiMaggio and Hannah Anderson exchanged 13 phone calls before she was picked up from her cheerleading practice on August 4. The police killed DiMaggio in a shootout on Saturday in Idaho.

Soon after her ordeal, Hannah Anderson turned to Ask.fm to answer questions. When she was asked how she felt about DiMaggio's death in the shootout, she answered, "He deserved what he got."

After the event, Anderson's father, Brett, made a statement to reporters:

"This is a small community that we are a part of. The community came together putting on this great fundraiser for Hannah... and this is how Lakeside rolls. So I just wanted to say how much we appreciate it from everybody, the community, family, friends for being here ... and local sheriffs and law enforcement."

[image of Hannah Anderson's father Brett, via Getty]