Last May, graffiti artist Kidult scrawled "ART" in huge red letters across the Marc Jacobs store in Soho. Skilled clothing pricer Marc Jacobs proceeded to screenprint the image of the tagged store onto t-shirts and sell them for $686. The t-shirt read "Art by Art Jacob$."

On Monday, Kidult tagged the Marc Jacobs Paris store with 686 in reference to the price of the shirt, surrounding the number with dollar signs. The clothing company seems to have already begun merchandizing hats and shirts with this new design.

680? 689?...686?! How much are you going to sell this for? #kidultarmyparis #thisisnotart

— KIDULT (@therealkidult) June 24, 2013

By last night, the Paris Marc Jacobs team posted a number of photos of themselves over some bottles of wine, wearing white hats with 686 emblazoned on them.

Our president @robertcduffy celebrating w/ European operations manager Luca in his birthday @therealkidult gear.

— Marc Jacobs Intl (@MarcJacobsIntl) June 25, 2013

Marc Jacobs immediate marketing of this protest has even prompted questions about whether Kidult is now intentionally working with the clothing brand to provide edgy, semi-subversive designs.

We'll debut our new t-shirt tmrw! $686 unsigned, $430 signed. Price set by @therealkidult. Only @ #MarcJacobsParis

— Marc Jacobs Intl (@MarcJacobsIntl) June 25, 2013

Kidult has also targeted Celine and Hermes stores with his anti-consumerist graffiti. His last tweet is a Chomsky/Herman reference, but Kidult's references seem to have only worked against him thus far:

Manufacturing consent...

— KIDULT (@therealkidult) June 24, 2013

[images via Twitter]