In what could be termed as a serious power grab—or, alternatively, lawful compliance with a judge’s orders—a deputy Kentucky clerk says he’ll ensure couples can get married in his county, despite the best efforts of his anti-gay boss, Kim Davis.

Davis for weeks refused to issue any marriage licenses—despite a mandate from a federal judge. She was eventually jailed over what she’s deeming a religious objection, making her an instant hero among a certain subset.

Davis was freed this week and is expected to return to work on Friday or Monday. But her deputy clerk, Brian “Judas” Mason, says the office will continue to issue licenses over her objections.

Via the AP:

Mason said Wednesday that licenses would be granted to anyone seeking them. He told reporters that if Davis tells him to stop, he will tell her no. Mason says he would have to follow the judge’s order to issue licenses.

In the meantime, Davis is facing a licensing issue of her own, from the band Survivor, which—much like her underlings—would prefer not to be associated with her.

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