It's time! It's time! The world will never be the same, because Kim Kardashian just had a baby.

TMZ and The Daily Mail are reporting that Kim K checked into a private birthing suite at Cedars-Sinai this morning and popped out a baby girl by the afternoon. Kanye, who has had a lot of experience with things leaking out early this week, skipped a listening party last night to be by her side after Kim told him she was "feeling off".

He apparently was not, however, by her side for the actual birth — he was too grossed out for that. But he'll probably have the chance to watch it on E!, because if a Kardashian does something off-camera, did it ever really happen?

The Ye baby birth was also apparently a month early, meaning that it was possible for Kim to look even more pregnant than she already did. That puts the royal Konception around late September or early October, in case you were wondering. What's next for the krazy Kardashian klan? Kim plans to follow Kanye on tour with the kid.

[TMZ, photo via AP]