Santa Fe University of Art and Design boasts that it helps students to "develop their full artistic identities." Unless that artistic identity is not officially approved by the administration, in which case EVERYONE WILL BE PUNISHED. Especially if there are clits involved.

From the Santa Fe Reporter comes the tale of Cliteracy, an art exhibit that came to the SFUAD campus earlier this year. See, the school was fine with displaying enormous billboards with various saying about clits, because that was an Officially Sanctioned Display of Art. But when some god damn unapproved artist began writing graffiti on campus, well—everyone must pay.

Yet when someone (or several someones) painted graffiti at residence halls, hallways and doors with depictions of female anatomy and the words "solid gold clit" or the abbreviation SGC, school officials wanted to impose consequences. They posted a notice that a $250 fine would be imposed on every student living on campus.

"Any art not officially sanctioned by bureaucrats will bring dire consequences to all," is the sort of artistic philosophy that one might learn as a student at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design. The school eventually decided not to fine every last student, but, you know, I hope these little fucking shits learned their lesson. Who do they think they are, art students?


[Pic: Sophia Wallace/ Tumblr]