If you thought Kris Jenner wouldn't stoop to using baby North West as a prop to promote her new talk show, you must have just been born. Happy Birthday! It's all downhill from here.

Jenner's new show, which is naturally self-titled, is premiering today on Fox in "select markets" that include New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Charlotte and Dallas.

To ensure that people tune in to yet another talk show hosted by a nobody with nothing meaningful to say about anything worth discussing, Jenner posted a tease on Facebook and Twiter showing herself cradling a dark-skinned baby alongside the caption: "You never know who will stop by our show today! #WatchKris"

While Zap2it's Andrea Reiher believes the photo is truly the world's first glimpse at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's love child because "tricking your audience would probably not be the best way to launch a talk show," TMZ says a source at the show revealed that the baby is a ruse.

"After some digging we found out the baby is owned by a hair and makeup person on the set," the gossip site reports.

As if someone shameless enough to exploit a baby for ratings would ever allow that baby to be unveiled for free.


UPDATE: JustJared watched The Kris Jenner Show so you don't have to and reports that Jenner walked out at the end of the show with a child in her arms to much fanfare only to confirm that it was indeed her stylist's baby and not Baby North. Good one?

[screengrab via Facebook]