You know what you're getting with Lana Del Rey at this point—post-Mad Men golden age revivalism, blank sadness—but the singer does still have the ability to surprise. Take, for instance, her new single "West Coast," which randomly quotes the New Radicals.

"Down on the west coast / They've got a saying / "If you're not drinking, then you're not playing," she mutters. "But you've got the music / You've got the music in you, don't you?" Actually, I'm pretty sure the saying "you've got the music in you" comes from the incredible '90s hit "You Get What You Give," but then again that era is not really Lana's thing.

Nonetheless, there is something weirdly cosmic about this (likely unintentional) reference: if anyone in America could accurately be described as having the "dreamer's disease" it's the pop star who is an imagined fossil of old Hollywood.