Things are finally looking up for famous people and people who aren’t famous but are at least rich enough to act like they are: Los Angeles International Airport (or “LAX,” short for lacrosse) has been approved to build a special terminal specifically for the most beautiful and wealthy among us.

The terminal, which was approved yesterday by the Board of Airport Commissioners (whose meetings must be scintillating), is being spun as a way of de-gumming LAX’s main terminal, but is, let’s be honest, just a way for celebrities to avoid the prying lenses of the paparazzi, and for rich people to avoid the rest of us. That said, anyone who is willing and able to pay $1,800 will be able to use the terminal, which will allow those people to, as they do elsewhere, bypass the banal realities of everyday life, such as walking (via The Guardian):

It will cost $1,500-$1,800 per trip to use the new terminal, which will include exclusive lounges, dedicated catering and separate security and border checkpoints. When it’s time to board, guests will be driven directly to their plane. The plans promise that guests using the new terminal will have to walk about 60 steps, compared to as many as 2,200 from street to plane seat via the public terminals.

The nation’s robust market for celebrities looking disheveled and dispirited in rumpled hoodies and weird hats will soon crash.

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