Police in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania have returned a life-sized statue of Barack Obama to its owner after finding it chilling out in a park with a six-pack of Twisted Tea.

The AP reports that the owner, Tiffany Bruce, was so upset to find her $1,200 Obama statue—beloved by her five children—missing that she had to be hospitalized for a panic attack. (She really loved it!) The family reportedly had all sorts of fun with the statue throughout the year:

The statue, purchased at a furniture store last year, depicts Obama smiling and sitting casually, his legs crossed and his right arm flung out. Bruce decorated the statue as Santa Claus on Christmas and arranged pumpkins around him on Thanksgiving.

Police found the statue posed with the Twisted Teas on a park bench and returned it (him?) to Bruce on Thursday. Bruce spoke with Philly.com about how the theft has not hampered her statue-loving spirit:

"I tried to order Hillary [Clinton] five months ago," Bruce said. "Hopefully I'll get Michelle [Obama]. I'm just getting one at a time because they're expensive."

[image via Philly.com]