In this astounding clip from last night's Lindsay, the titular ne'er-do-well bristles when her life coach brings up sobriety. (I will never tire of reminding people that said life coach, AJ Johnson, played Sharane in House Party.) In fact, Lohan is pissed that Johnson is bringing this up on camera, saying, "This is something I don't feel comfortable discussing on camera, and I thought you, as my friend, of all people would tell me in private." And then she reiterates: "I'm just a little bit offended at the fact that we've had a personal relationship off camera, and it's something that you're throwing at me on camera. I would have appreciated you saying it to me one-on-one first."

In other words: "This reality show is getting a little too spontaneous, a little too real for my taste. Let's rehearse in the future."

Except, for AJ Johnson, there was to be no future. Though Lohan ended the conversation (as we saw it) with a diabolically happy grin and the assurance that, "I'm not mad, you'd know if I was mad," she ended up flaking on Johnson and then firing her. In tears, Lohan said her former "guiding light" disrespected her by asking about sobriety on camera, but that Johnson was "all in all...a blessing in disguise."


Lohan eventually admitted to having a glass of wine, but it wasn't when Johnson or the blogs thought, supposedly: