Gawker has not written about Lizzie Grubman, the infamous PR flack who injured 16 people after plowing into them with her Mercedes outside a Hamptons club 13 years ago, since 2010. She has laid low since a stint on reality TV mid-decade and her power has waned, but today she sent us an email promoting the new album from R&B singer Keyshia Cole.

"INTERSCOPE RECORDING ARTIST KEYSHIA COLE RELEASES POINT OF NO RETURN" screamed the subject title. The body of the email consisted of the sentence "Multi-platinum recording artist Keyshia Cole will release her sixth studio album today, October 7th, Point Of No Return" along with the album's cover and its tracklist. This information has been available for weeks.

It is the first email anyone currently at Gawker can ever remember getting from Grubman. What is she up to nowadays? Her company Lizzie Grubman PR has a Twitter account with just over 5,600 followers which mostly just retweets tweets sent out, presumably, by its clients.

But the sailing is not as smooth as it seems...

Also this restaurant put "delivery" in a tweet instead of "deliver" but Grubman retweeted it anyway.

Things, of course, could be worse.

[photo of Lizzie Grubman in 2001 via AP]