A mundane local news story turned potentially lethal after the reporter phoned the police to report a driver slumped over in his seat in the middle of a highway.

Liz Artz of Atlanta's Channel 2 Action News spotted a stalled Dodge pickup on the Buford Connector Saturday afternoon and called 911 to report that a man inside the vehicle was hunched over an drooling.

A Highway Emergency Response Operator who was dispatched to investigate succeeded in reviving the man, but a scuffle quickly ensued and the driver sped off before the HERO worker was able to retrieve his keys.

The Dodge then rammed into several vehicles, resulting in a five-car pileup. Luckily, no one was seriously injured.

Just before police finally arrived on the scene the man scrambled out of his car and ran across the highway and up a tree, which he used as leverage to scale a barbed wire fence and flee.

Police were still searching for the man as of yesterday afternoon.

According to the HERO worker who confronted the man, he did not smell of alcohol, but "did, however, remind him of a diabetic."

[H/T: Mediaite, screengrab via WSB-TV]