This video is over a year old, but for some reason it started making the rounds again yesterday which is absolutely fine because it is amazing and should be watched many times a day forever.

After seeing one of Hope For Paws' uplifting dog rescue videos, two LA residents decided to phone the nonprofit to report an abandoned stray they had been feeding for several months in the hopes of finding her a better place to live.

With the help of Google Street View, Hope for Paws co-founder Eldad Hagar managed to track "Sonya" down, and after some resistance, successfully rescued her from the sweltering LA streets she had been calling home.

A local business owner told Hagar "he had seen [Sonya] waiting there for at least 10 years."

A couple of weeks ago, the organization provided this update on Sonya's status:

Sonya is having some problems with the bone spurs in her back & the vet said it could lead to paralysis. She is too old for surgery and that type of surgery is iffy even on a young dog. We have started her on new meds & have started acupuncture. She seems to be responding well to her first session. The vet said if she were still on the street she probably wouldn't be walking. Sonya is doing good & is happy as ever. Please send her good thoughts & we will take great care of her.

[H/T: Geekologie via Uproxx]