Everyone knows heartbroken men are prone to irrational behavior. One scorned lover might show up outside his old flame's house, waking her with the very loud Peter Gabriel song that's emanating from his boombox; another might find his ex's new guy, stab him in the chest, and eat his heart with a knife and fork.

The former scenario, of course, happened in Say Anything, and surely countless times IRL after that film's release. The latter went down recently in South Africa's Gugulethu township, near Cape Town. According to police, the 62-year-old victim also had bite marks on his face. The alleged cannibal, a Zimbabwean national, was arrested.

Western Cape Deputy Police Commissioner Sharon Jephta offered an impossibly stoic recounting of the event. From the BBC:

"It was very gruesome," she said.

"It's definitely a love triangle," she said.

Yes, definitely.

[Image via Immagy/Shutterstock]