The Pizza Underground, a pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band featuring former child star Macaulay Culkin, is a joke in the sense that they sing Velvet Underground songs with lyrics about pizza and have the kid from Home Alone on tambourine and kazoo. But it's also serious, iin the sense that they went on tour and made this music video.

Director Adrian Arredondo loosely based it on the Velvets' "Waiting for the Man" video, except with 40 of the cheapest, grossest pizzas in New York stuck to the walls of the set (and to the band's faces) after they'd been sitting out overnight. It smelled, reportedly, like shit.

The whole thing was shot on VHS, as an homage to the format in which we all watched this scene for the first time:

Previously, Culkin also recorded himself eating a slice of pizza in the style of Andy Warhol eating a hamburger. He's very dedicated to the bit.

The Pizza Underground, who have one song—an 8-minute medley—went on tour earlier this year. Crowds for their first three shows were skeptical, but were eventually won over.

"In an eight minute set it took them about six minutes to get into it. By the seventh minute we had them in the palm of our hand," Culkin told Vice.

[h/t Uproxx]