A man is charged with aggravated assault against his girlfriend after an Easter egg decorating party went horribly awry Sunday, leaving the woman with a black eye and the man under arrest after attacking cops with a sword.

When his girlfriend accused him of cheating, Aaron Goempel, a 27-year-old Pittsburgh resident, allegedly attacked her by throwing the hardboiled Easter eggs they were dyeing together. When police arrived, the victim's eye was red and swollen, and Goempel had locked himself in a bedroom with "a makeshift barricade."

As police pushed their way into the room, he reached for a sword from his knife-and-sword collection (why do these guys always seem to keep swords around?) and tried to stab officers. He only succeeded in yelling racist slurs and kicking one cop in the groin, the Pittsburgh Tribune reports.

Goempel can add aggravated assault to his long list of pending charges. He also awaits trial for separate incidents of harassment, prowling, assault, and traffic violations, and his record includes previous convictions for public drunkenness.

[H/T: Huffington Post, Photo Credit: Facebook]