Lakewood, Wash. police responded to a call last Friday evening from a tax driver who claimed to have a rider that refused to pay his fare. When police arrived, KOMO reports, the rider, 45-year-old Maurice Barb, asked police to arrest him. They refused, and at Barb's request, dropped him off at a nearby Denny's.

But just after dropping Barb off, he apparently called police to tell them that he was planning to rob the gas station next to the restaurant. A clerk claimed Barb had held him at gunpoint and demanded the money in the cash register. Police arrested Barb for the alleged robbery, potentially his third offense—he had previously been convicted in California and Washington state.

According to court documents obtained by the New York Daily News, Barb has been in and out of prison over the last 10 years, and apparently told police when they first found him in the taxi cab that he wanted to be arrested because he had "no place to go." If convicted for a third time, Barb faces a lifetime prison sentence.

[Screengrab via KOMO]