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A 46-year-old Los Angeles man whose "homosexual behavior" is listed on his medical records as a "chronic problem" is suing his doctor and a healthcare network, reports NBC Los Angeles.

Matthew Moore's doctor listed his sexuality as such during a routine physical in April 2013. Moore then confronted his doctor, Elaine Jones, in June 2013 and she explained the description by saying that doctors go "back and forth" regarding classifying homosexuality as a chronic condition.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders once listed homosexuality as a sociopathic personality disturbance. It was later removed from the manual, which sets the standard for the classification of mental disorders in the U.S., in 1974.

According to Moore, after he complained to Jones' healthcare network, Torrance Memorial Physician Network, that homosexuality had been listed as a "chronic condition" on his record, the network apologized and said it would be changed. Ten months later, homosexuality was still on his record, now listed as a "chronic problem." Now Jones and Torrance have a problem of their own: Moore's lawsuit.

Moore says his lawsuit is, in part, for the children: "If a young person went in and was told by a physician that their normal and healthy sexuality was a medical problem, a condition, or disease, that could be very devastating."

Torrance Health Association issued a statement that basically said, actually we don't think anything is wrong with you now that we're getting sued:

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