A routine response to an accident in Delaware Wednesday morning turned into an intense police chase across state lines when a 23-year-old suspect fled the scene, first in a car, then on a stolen bicycle, and, finally, with a swim across a bay.

Brion Adam Kriss, an Illinois native, allegedly flashed a large knife at police officers investigating him for a hit and run on Fenwick Island in Delaware. Kriss then took off in his car, leading police in a high-speed chase across the state line into Ocean City, Maryland, where Kriss lost control of his vehicle and crashed into two cars and a utility pole, injuring a bystander.

Undeterred, Kriss fled that scene as well, stealing a bicycle and pedaling to nearby mall. From the Inquisitr:

Once he entered the mall his chances of escape plummeted as officers surrounded the building, however Mr Kriss then completed his triathlon by diving into the bay which was located behind the shopping mall and attempting to swim away from police.

With the help of a Maryland State Police helicopter and a K-9 unit, over a dozen police officers eventually surrounded Kriss on a sandbar, but he still refused to surrender and fought off several officers. After shooting him with rubber bullets and a Taser, police were finally able to arrest Kriss in the water.

Kriss was arrested and taken to a nearby hospital, where he was treated for injuries sustained during the chase. Charges are pending in both Maryland and Delaware.