An Alabama husky-pit bull by the name of Bo broke the cardinal man-dog omerta this week when he turned state's evidence on his meth dealing owner.

Pratville police were executing a raid on Edward Henderson, an alleged meth dealer, when he escaped out a back door and into a 25-foot deep ravine.

The officers reportedly lost sight of him and he might have escaped, until his dumb dog decided to serve a new master: the law.

"The dog, later identified as Bo, looked at one of the investigators and the investigator pointed at Henderson and said go get him. Bo without hesitation went down the ravine trailed by two Drug Enforcement Investigators," the police department said in a release.


Upon exiting the brush Bo tipped them off to some tall grass he was now hiding in, all by the swoosh of his tail. There with him they found Henderson lying flat on the ground.

Now Henderson's in jail facing distribution charges, and Bo's sitting pretty.

"Bo was rewarded with dog biscuits from our K-9 Sergeant," a Prattville police spokesperson said.