It had been a year since Redditor Duncanconstruction last saw his family, and a lot had happened in that time. For instance, he lost 130 pounds.

In a post on Reddit's weight loss subreddit /r/loseit, Duncanconstruction, who went from a robust 300 to a svelte 170, mentioned that he had kept his weight loss a secret from most of his family.

It wasn't hard to do: He lives with his mom who lives pretty far away, and only goes back to visit his dad and stepmom once or twice a year.

With Christmas coming up, he figured he'd finally have an opportunity to do his big reveal in style.

With the help of his younger half-sister (on his mother's side), Duncanconstruction filmed his family's candid reactions to his secret weight loss.

"My sister legit didn't recognize me until my grandma told her who I was," he wrote. "When she walked in she looked at me and then walked past with absolutely no reaction, and everybody was super confused. Then my grandma is like "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO THIS IS?" and you could see it click on her face."

But grandma's one to talk: "The best reaction was my grandma's," Duncanconstruction said. "The first words out of her mouth were 'You got a haircut!' followed by her sudden reaction."

[H/T: Reddit]