From experience, I know having a suggestive adjective as a first name can lead to a lot of teasing, but at least I’m not Conor P. Fudge, the man accused of stealing ice cream and cakes from a Cold Stone Creamery store in Iowa City, Iowa. 25-year-old Fudge will never live down the fact that he was caught on camera stealing all sorts of ice cream, cakes, cash, and hopefully some mix-ins (the good mix-ins, not the gummy bears that freeze the second they hit the ice cream) from his former employer.

After opening the safe and taking money, the cameras captured Fudge taking cakes and containers of ice cream. All told, he allegedly stole $501 worth of cash and ice cream property. The reports make no mention of what he did with multiple ice cream cakes, but hopefully he brought them to parties because more parties should have ice cream cakes.

Fudge is facing charges of third degree burglary and an aggravated misdemeanor count of third degree theft. Dessert destiny.

[Image via Shutterstock]