he set the gas tank opening on fire, his wife swung her bag into the flames and set herself on fire. give credit where its due. its almost 2014. women can do anything they set their mind to, including putting themselves on fire. we dont need to give credit to the man anymore.

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Man Sets Wife on Fire While Playing with Lighter at Gas Station

Terrifying gas station surveillance footage captured the exact moment that a Georgia man accidentally set his wife on fire while playing with a cigarette lighter near his truck's gas tank.

Austin Dawkins, 37, and his wife Jessica, 30, both of Clarkesville were refueling at a local gas station when Austin began messing around with the lighter's spark wheel, and holding it perilously close to the gas pump nozzle.

Man Sets Wife on Fire While Playing with Lighter at Gas Station

The fuel suddenly ignited, and flames quickly enveloped Jessica, who was sent running for her life.

The state's fire safety commissioner Ralph Hudgens said Dawkins sustained second- and third-degree burns from head to toe and was flown to a burn unit in Atlanta.

She has since been released.

Austin, who suffered minor burn injuries in the October 16th incident, was charged with misdemeanor reckless conduct and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

If convicted, he could spend up to a year behind bars.

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