Hillsborough County Deputies say that Darrin Campbell, a "high-profile business executive," shot his wife and two teenage children before burning down his Tampa, Fla. mansion this week with over $650 of purchased fireworks. When the house was set ablaze, he reportedly then shot himself.

Authorities say Campbell's motive is still unclear. He was 50. His children, Megan and Colin, were 15 and 19 respectively, and his wife Kimberly was 51. The 6,000-square-foot mansion that the family was renting is owned by former tennis pro James Blake.

Security stills taken at Phantom Fireworks in Tampa reveal that Campbell purchased the fireworks and three empty gas cans in the days before the killings. A store clerk told authorities that he did not look distressed and was chatty. He told the clerk that he was doing some early Fourth of July shopping.

According to the AP:

Campbell had been an executive for several high-profile businesses, including a stint at PODS, the mobile storage company. He was most recently working at a records management firm and volunteering as treasurer at his children's private school.

There has been an outpouring of grief on Twitter for 15-year-old Megan Campbell under the hashtag #RIPMegan, as she was a fan of the widespread network of teen Vine idols the Magcon Family.

[Image via NY Daily News]