Police officers who responded to a call about an Oklahoma City man with a bloody face thrashing around his apartment arrived to find 22-year-old Jeremy Jarnell Anderson covered in soap and salt and ranting about a "possessed homosexual demon" who ordered him to "cook the Bible."

When asked about Anderson, neighbors recalled the calm, nice man next door.

But the person officers encountered last week was reportedly "going ballistic" and "clearly out of touch with reality."

According to the police report, Anderson's hands and face were covered in blood and he had kicked the apartment door off its hinges and broken the majority of his furniture.

Officers attempted to control Anderson by tasing him, but he simply pulled the probes out and challenges the cops to a fist fight.

After making their way into Anderson's apartment with the help of a sledgehammer, officers noticed a small fire which was apparently caused by a burning bible.

The fire soon spread causing smoke to fill the room and allowing the officers to catch Anderson off guard.

After he was apprehended, Anderson explained to officers that he was a Satanist and blamed the incident on a "homosexual demon" who had wanted to do drugs and perform sexual acts on him.

Anderson made it clear to the officers that he "wasn't gay, just high," and was disappointed in himself for letting the demon take advantage of him.

Anderson initially claimed he would have shot his neighbors and the police if he had access to a weapon, but later insisted he was "just remodeling his house."

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