It's not entirely clear how Mark Ruffalo's amazing anecdote about accidentally smoking pot on stage slipped through the Internet's cracks the first time around, but, luckily, it's being given a second chance to make your day so much better.

Appearing on the Graham Norton Show last year, Ruffalo casually let drop this hilarious tidbit: A fellow actor once pranked him into smoking a joint in front of a live audience during the opening night of a play.

"There was a play that I did where I smoked a joint in the first scene," Ruffalo tells Norton. "And of course there was a very naughty young actor that I was in the play with who, on the opening night with all of the critics, he slipped a real joint onto the prop table."

The story itself is enough to give you a contact high, but the way Ruffalo tells is nothing short of Oscar-worthy.

[H/T: Vanity Fair]