Continuing her campaign to win America's hearts and minds, "Duke porn star" Belle Knox had a safe-for-work chat with the prudish ladies of The View Monday morning, scandalizing them with talk of (gasp!) empowering women and sex workers.

Barbara Walters and company were shocked that Knox started watching Internet porn at age 12 and that her adult film career has her parents' blessing.

Anti-vaccine nut and former Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy spent her part of the conversation talking down to Knox, asking her what happened that made a "sweet, innocent" high school girl "turn to porn." (Knox's answer: $60,000 a year in Duke tuition happened. Also, a feeling of empowerment and the ability to make choices about her own body.)


Knox also discussed the backlash she's suffered, including death threats, petitions to get her expelled from Duke, and students throwing garbage on her.

She says she's not sure if she'll keep doing porn after college; her ultimate goal is to become a women's rights lawyer. Before that, though, she has 25-30 videos in the can that have yet to be released.


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