A hazmat team had to decontaminate more than a dozen campers at a Maryland bible camp thanks to a prank that involved deer repellant and a fart spray called "Liquid ASS".

The chemicals were sprayed in two bunks and caused eye and respiratory irritation in about a dozen campers. Six of those campers had to be transferred to a local hospital for further treatment. Three different medic units, including one called in from Pennsylvania, worked on the Camp Wo-Me-To campers, and the bunks had to be ventilated due to the strong odor.

Liquid Ass sounds delightful, according to Amazon reviewers:

"The only way I can explain the smell is imagine putting a pile of cat crap in a bathtub full of rotten eggs, and urine that has been farted, and vomited in, then left to sit in the sun for a couple weeks. Two squirts of it had my wife gagging and me rolling on the floor laughing. It is truly a soul shattering smell.

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