Huge surging waves nearly forty feet high off the coast of Northern Spain have been crashing onto land and washing people out to sea.

On Sunday, a teenaged boy who had been bicycling around the waterfront with a friend died after 30-foot-high waves crashed down on him and pulled him out to sea. Authorities have not been able to locate the boy's body, but according to reports his friend escaped safely.

The week before, massive waves washed over a wall and swept away a Senegalese man who had been walking down a pier. The Red Cross tried to rescue him after the incident (which was caught on camera) but they were unable to revive him.

And today, five sailors had to be rescued by a helicopter near the Spanish port of La Coruna after the waves pounded their supplies ship, which was "in danger of sinking."

One group happy about the waves, however, are surfers. Andrew Cotton, a British surfer, may have taken on the biggest wave ever last weekend in Portugal when he rode an 80 foot wave near Nazare.

[image via AP]