Matt Drudge would like to spend as little as four to five hours sitting down, working on his blog each day. But sometimes a sex survey or the N-Word happens and he is compelled to stay blogging for up to 17 hours a day. I know what you're thinking. Matt, but your back!

Good thing Drudge has incredibly perfect posture, ideal for blogging a wonderful mix of paranoia and bigotry. Writes the New York Times,

To ease his back, neck and shoulder pain, Mr. Drudge says he has learned how to adjust his posture. Whether he’s typing in the car, from the wooden folding chair in his Miami home office, or from a boardwalk bench at the beach on cloudy days, he makes sure to tilt the top of his pelvis forward, roll his shoulders back, elongate his spine and straighten his craned neck.

Mr. Drudge then unhinges his jaw, rolls his eyes backwards in his head, and devours a newborn.

Drudge is a student of Esther Gokhale, a Silicon Valley-based posture specialist who helps people throughout the tech sector, who often subject themselves to grueling days almost entirely behind a keyboard.

“I needed her touch, her observations and her humanity,” Drudge said of Gokhale.

Drudge has let his new, beautiful posture become who he is:

After doing a group workshop with Ms. Gokhale this year, Mr. Drudge says many things now remind him to make adjustments — seeing others with poor posture at Starbucks or the gym, passing by his reflection in a window, or sitting down in a chair to work.

“But I don’t beat myself up about it. When I’m aware of my posture, I fix it,” Mr. Drudge said. “And eventually, I think, it becomes who you are.”

Become the forward pelvis, Matt. Become.