Slate business and economics correspondent Matthew Yglesias reports today that he successfully entered and explored a Washington, DC Wal-Mart store. He didn't buy anything, though.

"Urban Walmarts Are Great," declares Slate, based upon Yglesias' excursion to an urban Walmart store that has now been open for two (2) days. Yglesias reports that the two-day-old Walmart store is "pretty great," and that concludes that "cities that have been fending off Walmart have been shooting themselves in the foot."

A pleasant time was had by Yglesias during his visit to Walmart, to be sure. But the story does not end there. For this O. Henry-esque tale comes with its own twist: Matt Yglesias, you see, did not purchase any goods at Walmart.

I wasn't in the market for any fresh meat or produce, and the vast majority of the store is dedicated to dry goods. But why would I buy some socks or a no-stick frying pan or a coffee maker at Walmart when Amazon Prime would ship almost anything to my door in 36 hours?

Why would I buy some socks in the store where I am right now, when I could have them delivered 36 hours from now?

Matthew Yglesias is Slate's business and economics correspondent.

[America's non-urban Walmarts remain hellish pits of despair. Pic via.]