On Halloween, 16-year-old Sash Nemphos planned to kill his parents, drive to school, use a handgun, homemade bombs, and a weapon he hoped to steal from a police officer to kill as many people as possible and commit suicide, police say. But then he got too drunk.

Nemphos, of Monkton, Maryland, was arrested after Baltimore County police officers uncovered his plan to attack the George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology during an unrelated theft investigation at his home Saturday, Reuters reports. He told police he had been bullied for years, and according to court papers, he brought a gun to school in his backpack Friday but decided to delay until Monday after forgetting the bombs and drinking too much whiskey before class.

According to Reuters, cops found a suicide note, the gun and homemade explosives, and a journal outlining Nemphos' plan. Police apprehended the high-school sophomore after a series of thefts from cars he allegedly carried out at a nearby restaurant. From local news outlet WBAL:

When questioned by police about the car thefts, Nemphos admitted to stealing the property, which was recovered from the home after he showed officers where it was, police said.

Detectives said the boy's father, Edward Nemphos, then took an officer aside and said his handgun had been stolen from his workplace a few months before and that he was worried his son might have had something to do with it being missing.

After officers questioned the boy repeatedly about the gun, a Colt .38 special revolver, he finally admitted to having it in a plastic container in his room, charging documents showed.

Police said the boy then admitted that he was going to kill his parents with the gun, then drive to the school, shoot the school's police officer, steal his gun and ammunition and then try to kill as many teachers and students as he could with it.

Nemphos will be tried as an adult, facing charges including possession of a destructive device, possession of a dangerous weapon on school property, and theft.

[Photo via Baltimore County Police]