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Donald Trump, purveyor of mediocre meats, is projected to win the Republican primaries in Mississippi and Michigan.

Mississippi is Trump’s 13th win in the primary season. However, because the state distributes its delegates proportionally, a close victory will not do much to widen the gap between the frontrunner and his remaining rivals.

Update – 9:20 pm

Trump is now projected to win Michigan as well. From the New York Times:

The victory demonstrated that Mr. Trump’s message resonates in the industrial Midwest. With his populist campaign and promises to bring back jobs that have gone overseas, the Manhattan businessman held strong appeal for working-class voters in Michigan.

Polls showed Mr. Trump entering the day with a wide lead in the Wolverine State; he fended off a late challenge from Gov. John Kasich of Ohio.

Michigan divides its 59 delegates proportionally.

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