Jim Gilmore (otherwise known as the only veteran still in the running for president or, more often, “who?”) is no longer running for the GOP candidacy. This information probably does not affect you. And frankly, this information probably only marginally affects Jim Gilmore. Because as his online activity reveals, Jim Gilmore’s campaign was very, very sad.

But even the saddest of souls deserves a proper going away, so let’s take a moment to remember the campaign that was Jim Gilmore’s to the best of our abilities. At least 12 people will miss it dearly.

Meet Jim Gilmore. Jim Gilmore was nothing if not confident in Jim Gilmore.

Jim Gilmore probably loved puppies.

Jim Gilmore had a blog on his website.

It was, perhaps, a bit overzealous.

And needy, sure.

But it discussed the issues in which Jim truly believed.

Because more than anything, Jim Gilmore believed in Jim Gilmore. And that would ultimately be his downfall.

Goodbye, Jim Gilmore. And at least you beat Huckabee.

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