Not every teen on Vine can become an instant viral superstar by sticking his dick in a microwaveable food product. Some have to be, well, more inventive. Enter Brandon Bowen, a 16-year-old from Georgia whose goofy rap-inspired videos are arguably the greatest thing on Vine. Everybody, grab your plastic spoons.

The kid is basically what it would be like if Bobby Hill from King of the Hill listened to Atlanta hip-hop. I could totally see Hank Hill suddenly walking into Bobby's bedroom to find him doing this.

Those two videos—let's call him the Hater Blocking Diptych—are probably his best. But, like some of Vine's other Top Teens, he also makes his own bizarrely catchy little raps.

Here is one about mini-tacos.

Which someone else turned into a remix of Drake's "Trophies" that will probably be better than the real remix of Drake's "Trophies."

Bowen also does little comedy sketches that are often pretty funny.

One of these kids is going to end up on Saturday Night Live one day.

[via Buzzfeed]