Speaker of literally dozens of words Melania Trump is her husband’s biggest supporter—despite the fact that she doesn’t seem to actually understand what Donald Trump’s platforms are. And apparently, it’s better that way. Because as Buzzfeed News reported earlier today, back in 2006, Melania Trump donated $2,000 to Clinton’s then-campaign committee, Friends of Hillary.

It wasn’t just Hillary she contributed to, though. Our First Lady-to-be also donated to John McCain several times over, as you can see in the FEC listings below.

The later donations did, however, keep in line with her husband’s stated beliefs, at least according to his tweets:

Until he changed his mind, that is.

As far as this election cycle goes, we are perfectly happy not knowing what it is Melania will be donating to her candidate of choice.

Make America great again.

[h/t Buzzfeed]

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